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Yunkang Yang, phd

I am Assistant Professor of Communication at Texas A&M University and a research affiliate at the Institute for Data, Democracy & Politics at the George Washington University. My areas of expertise include right-wing media in the U.S., online disinformation, social media, and social movements.


ICA 2022, Paris
  1. Network of the fringe and the fore: Link sharing patterns across Parler and Facebook on QAnon.
    (with Sang, K., Lukito, J., Borah, P. & Foley, J.)
  2. Coordinated link sharing on Facebook. 
    (with Paudel, R., McShann, J., Hindman, M., Huang, H., & Broniatowski, D.)
  3. Algorithmic gatekeeping: User engagement with news on Facebook.
    (with Matthew Hindman)
  4. No Reason[.] it should happen here: Understanding Flynn's retroactive doublespeak during a QAnon event.
(with Lukito, J., Gursky, J., Foley, J., Borah, P. & Joseff, K.)
5. After deplatforming: A comparative study of cross-platform migration of extremist groups.
  (with Neill, L., Livingston, S., Lukito, J. & Lockaby, P.)

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