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COM 200: Introduction to Communication

Introduces theories and research in communication. Explores the myriad ways scholars approach fundamental issues of contemporary human communication. Focuses on theories and research of communication (e.g. relational, group, political, cultural, and international). Acts as a gateway to knowledge about the communication discipline.

COM 202: Introduction to Communication

Introduces students to four core principles that undergird the study and practice of communication – communication literacy, research inquiry, theories and concepts, and community engagement. Principles discussed and developed in the context of international communication, political communication, and communication technology and society.

COM 382: Social Scientific Approaches to Communication Research

Comprehensive introduction to research methods employed in basic and applied communication research, including sample surveys, content analysis, experiments, statistics, and more advanced "text as data" methods.

COM 300: Key Concepts of New Media

Provides a comprehensive examination of the effects of new, digital media on interpersonal communication, media industries, and media culture. Emphasis on economic, social, political, and aesthetic implications. Provides limited experience with computer-based media. No prior technical computer experience assumed.

CSSCR: Introduction to R

This class will teach you how to get started with R using the free integrated development environment called Rstudio. The course will cover the basic organization of R and RStudio, where to find good help references, and how to begin a basic analysis. This class is ideal for users who have little or no experience with R.

CSSCR: Graphics in R

This course introduces students to ways of producing effect graphs in R using “ggplot”.  Topics covered will include basic plotting functions (e.g. histograms, scatter plots), production of multi-panel graphs, and various means of exporting graphs to other presentation packages.



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