Dr. Yunkang Yang is a Post-doctoral Research Scientist at the Institute for Data, Democracy & Politics at the George Washington University. Dr. Yang's areas of expertise include US right-wing media, misinformation and disinformation, social media, and social movements. His research in those areas has appeared on Journal of Communication, Information Communication & Society, International Journal of Communication, and Asian Journal of Communication. He has been covered by AFP, CTV News, NPR, The Hill and The New Yorker.

Latest publication:

(with Lance Bennett) 2021. Interactive Propaganda: How Fox News and Donald Trump co-produced false narratives about the Covid-19 crisis.

Media appearances:

  • Dan Bongino and the big business of returning Trump to Power (The New Yorker), Dec. 27, 2021

  • How Ivermectin became the new focus on the anti-vaccine movement (NPR), Sep. 19, 2021

  • Ivermectin disinformation leads to new kinds of chaos (The Hill), Sep. 29, 2021

  • After fueling the Capitol riot, disinformation still rampant in US politics (AFP), Jan. 6, 2022

  • Ontario government staffer out of a job after $100 donation to Ottawa blockade, others under scrutiny (CTV News), Feb. 16, 2022


  • Media & Politics

  • Computational Social Science


  • Ph.D., University of Washington, 2020

  • M.A., Tsinghua University, 2013

  • B.A., Nanjing Normal University, 2011